Vertigo bring Bing Maps to life for Jay-Z in global, interactive scavenger hunt

"H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A”

Jay-Z is at again – and this time it’s a book release, not another album dropping. Vertigo partnered with Droga5, an innovative, independent agency based in New York, to deliver an online, location-based scavenger hunt. This interactive game is part of a global, integrated marketing campaign to promote Jay-Z’s upcoming memoir, Decoded.

Silverlight + Bing Maps is a powerful combination.

As the technology partner, Vertigo developed the entire web experience using Microsoft Silverlight including integration with Bing Search and Bing Maps, as well as mobile providers that delivered the mobile experience and SMS interface. The integrated Bing Search feature allows users to ‘decode’ clues to identify page locations. From there, the Bing Maps experience allows users to find locations via an aerial map or dimensional view using Bing Streetside, which gives the user the feeling of actually traveling down the streets and neighborhoods to locate pages of Decoded.

"Vertigo immediately understood our vision and the depth of the user experience we were trying to create. We look forward to an opportunity to partner with them again in the near future.”
– Andrew Essex, CEO of Droga5

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